Ahad, 28 Ogos 2011

HACKED!!(Happy Aidilfitri and Happy 54th Anniversary of Malaysian Independence Day-The C7 Crew)

The C7 Crew : konv1c7-k1ng-eLiXiR-Sky-AssAssiNator-Lrpip-BlacK-ReBeL-CyAniD3R-VicTiMcZ-IronicBoy-XiaoXiao-CyBorg-Br3ath Slowly-ScoRpioN-EjoY-iNesEn-HeNs3m-Rid3R-Silv3rTo0th-oUtLaw-AnG3L-Whit3 Sn0w.

Greeting to all Malaysian,
we are The C7 Crew and I'am Larus Pipixcan (Lrpip).I'am Malaysian.
We are here to wish Happy 54th Anniversary of Malaysian Independence Day.
We hope the peace and freedom as in Malaysia will last longer.

We muslim all around the world are brothers and I'am Larus Pipixcan (Lrpip) want to wish Happy Aidilfitri to all muslim in Malaysia.
Please do not forget our relatives in Pakistan,Palestine and other countries around the world,
because they are suffering in their own land.
Remember them and pray for their freedom and keep your spirit together with us to fight injustice for all muslim and our relatives all around the world.

We are The Cyber Islamic Army,
We are The C7 Crew,
We will fight for FREEDOM.

p/s: contact me at http://www.facebook.com/laruspipixcan to get back your password.Easy.=)